clap clap blog: we have moved

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Subhead of the blog has been changed in accordance with my brief impulse to make it an all-zombie blog following our viewing of Land of the Dead on Sunday night. (For instance, an "Ask a zombie" feature--"Q: Do zombies ever get full of the flesh of the living and have to sit around on the couch holding their stomachs and watching football? A: Mrrrrrgh! Rrrrrrr!"--but that sounds too Onion-y. Still, if someone does know a semi-articulate living dead person, let me know.) I don't think that will happen, but it would be OK if it did, at least from my perspective.

The movie was really good, although I guess I was absolutely totally in love with the world he created and less totally in love with what he did with it. If someone could please create a Grand Theft Auto-type game based on Land of the Dead, I would not leave my house for a few months.

Yep, the blog had a bit of a breather, but I'm back in action now, looking to tie together all the loose ends etc.