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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Just in case you missed 'em, a few choice cuts from my MP3blog rounds:

First and foremost: Roman's "I Found Love" at MFR. It reminds me of one of my favorite overlooked tracks, Dykehouse's "Chainsmoking," but is a bit more rock, despite not having a very rock feel. Sort of New Romantics with a touch of 70s country. (Also worth checking out: Who Made Who, though not as crucial.) This one's going on repeat for a while.

The new Girls Aloud song, "Biology," is available at Fluxblog and is mind-meltingly good and pretty much ungraspable, in the best possible way. It's like one of those really happy babies who appears to be doing something shouldn't so you grab it to stop it but it just totally ignores you and gets free and wobbles over to the ashtray or drill press or what have you. White Stripes blues adds a glam beat then goes house then goes straight euro-pop and then goes somewhere else and you've lost track.

Finally, the writeup for OK Go's "Invincible" over at the redesigned PopText is more about Smallville than the song itself, but also applies, and you should go read it.