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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Saw Electric Six last night and it was pretty fantastic; "Rock 'n' Roll Evacuation" might be my concert moment of the year, not only for The Moment, but for the anticipation of The Moment, plus the fact that the rest of the concert (like the rest of their songs) tended to employ pretty uniform dynamics, so when there was that brief break, no one was prepared for it and it was able to cut through without the usual intrusions of cheers and "woo"s that break up any attempt at a quiet moment at live shows. Alternately, I was rocking out so hard that there was some huge animal rampaging through the room and I failed to notice. Miss Clap and I were, we were told, the only ones rocking out to "Jimmy Carter," but we were seriously rocking out, so it's OK. Before the third verse I yelled, "Now tell us about Ronald Reagan!" and then when he did the kind of toolish guys around us gave me high-fives, which made me feel bad. But then he said the slouching toward Bethlehem line and it was all OK. Man that song's good.

Dick Valentine didn't look anything like I expected him to. Kind of looked like Rob Thomas in my recollection, but I don't think that's right.

Anyway, go see 'em. Now the question is: do I brave the Knitting Factory to (finally) see USE?