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Friday, November 11, 2005
I just whacked the fuck out of my head on a shelf and have a shit ton of work-work to do today (all of which is apparently making me swear more) so just two quick things for now.

Number one, give a look to Daughters of Invention, a MP3-ish blog that looks to be Toronto-centric and is real good so far.

Number two, here is Miss Clap's comment on the NYT review of Get Rich or Die Trying:

I think Scott also figured out that 50 Cent is actually Kevin. I mean, you don't totally trash the special kid's dreams, but you tell them that they should try a little harder.
Hey, wait a minute--she tells me I should try harder all the time!

Also, if you feel the urge, you could wish Miss Clap a happy birthday, as it is tomorrow. In her honor, here is a picture of Prince with a mustache and a picture of Kofi Annan's Nobel Peace Prize:

(If someone wanted to give her a nice present, they could photoshop in her name to that last one.)

Happy birthday, baby.