clap clap blog: we have moved

Monday, November 07, 2005
There are those of us who remember Esselle, although we appear to no longer even have the ability to "dig around," as Hillary used to direct us to do. (Ah! memories.) I probably should have realized something was up when I stopped getting referral links from the post about Brent's Beastie Boys review.

At any rate, it is sorta back, in group form, and is called Recidivism. It is very good and takes very little time to read because when things are short they are funnier. You should check it every day, or else you might miss something you would be sorry to have missed. Am I not selling this very well? Fair enough.

In somewhat related news, if you haven't been checking Quo Vadimus lately, you should.

Finally, the comments are actually working again, so Blogger's get turned off. Weep quietly.