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Friday, November 04, 2005
Uh, hi. I am here, it's just, well, things are busy. Also, what's up with no comments? Damned if I know. Last time I wrote a nasty note to the commenting company (who I pay, BTW) I got back one line of snark denying everything.

Anyway, I should let you know that I'm doing NatSoAlMo, a fact I am trying to post in as many public places as possible so I actually finish the damn thing. I currently have about half the songs finished except for vocals and another 2-3 partially written. It'll be mainly rocky electro-pop with some electronic pop-rock. And klezmer. Nothing but klezmer.

After this I think I'm going to start writing songs with real key changes (as opposed to truck driver's gear changes)--you know, like real composers do, with pedal chords and everything. Sticking with one key is working fairly well but I'm worried I'm getting too dependent on certain shifts, primarily to the fourth and sixth.

If I get time, I will write up a producer's critique of the new Madonna album. It does not seem terribly likely, however.