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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Claps - Bever Fever

I finished my National Solo Album Month project, and you can get it by clicking all the stuff above this. I zipped up the whole album and it's a little shy of 40 megs, which is somewhat large, so if you'd like individual songs or a hard copy, just let me know. I forgot to include the "art" in the zip file, so here it is. I did it in a high-tech graphics program called MS Word.


1. Intro, in which the relentless pounding of the drums attests to the fact that there is no God, plus fanfare
2. Johnny Ray
3. Abu Ghraib
4. Darlene
5. What She Needs
6. Your Sweater Says Twee But Your Ass Says Goddamn
7. Park Place
8. Fell For a Flirt
9. Beaver Fever
10. Outro, in which a pleasing resolution indicates that despite the foregoing ontological quandry, everything is basically OK, plus another fanfare

The album is about fucking and all the consequences thereof. Also, ideally, parts of it will make you want to have sex. It's a vicious cycle.

Enjoy! I'd really love feedback.