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Friday, December 30, 2005

"I know you like that emo stuff, George Michael, but Lou Barlow made me this cassette personally..."

There's a foundational feel to Portia de Rossi's record collection, although I can't quite peg why. Certainly the Arcade Fire entry is interesting, since it's the only entry that's not 90s canon or Radiohead or Iggy Pop, and that explains a lot about the Arcade Fire's appeal. And if it ever seemed surprising that she was gay, this should dispel any doubts--I mean, flannel and "drama," c'mon! (But is Dinosaur Jr. really "grim"?)

But there's something else about it, something that seems to sum up a particular segment of the population that's in its ascendence now. It's odd how little we really talk about the effect of grunge on the current musical climate, perhaps due to the odd dominance of British viewpoints on pop music criticism. Or maybe it's just because it's so obvious, like how we never talk about the Beatles anymore.

But it does bear mentioning every once in a while that the musical tastes of the current generation were formed not just by hip-hop, disco, new wave, and punk, but grunge, too, for better or for worse.

(Via Recidivism, which you're checking every day, right?)