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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
I am linking to the Jukebox thing mostly just to let you know that there will be posts coming today, probably of a political bent. I am most certainly not linking to it so you can admire the quality of my writing, because hoo boy [insert me waving my hand in front of my nose like I just laid a stinker], do I look like an ignoramus. In my defense, the internet was down in my apartment to my building, so I had to walk to the public library and rush to get all my blurbs done in the 30 minutes they gave me to use the computer. And...I was distracted by ice cream? Sure, that's why I messed up the one entry I actually had planned out ahead of time, argh.

Anyway, don't let those fools scare you away from the Kapanga track in particular--in my eyes, the first sentence of Dom's blurb reads as a ringing endorsement! And I guess if anyone wants to explain why "You Got the Love" sounds so hollow to me when I can't get enough of "Everytime We Touch," please do.