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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I come for the wuggas, but stay for the jiggy juggas

On Sunday I woke up with a throat that was fairly well closed. There was no particular reason for this, since I only had two beers the night before, and (as mentioned below), one of them was partially gargled.

But my loss of voice is the blogosphere's gain, because together, we will construct a death metal song according to Strong Bad's rules! You can get the full details here if you haven't seen it already, but in sum: "ugly, Nordic, bowels, d-e words." I will provide the ugly Nordic bowels, but I need you to provide the d-e words. Here is an example:

(jugga jigga wugga)
(jugga jigga wugga)
(jugga jigga wugga)

Give me your d-e words, and I will sing them in my raspy throat-voice over a death metal backing. (Note: it may not actually be to-the-letter death metal, as I don't actually have my guitar at home, but it will be, um, metalish?) I will then post an MP3 tomorrow.

(I sang Miss Clap a Valentine's Day song in this style this morning. I believe the lyrics were: VALENTINE'S! (jugga jigga wugga) VALENTINE'S! (jugga jigga wugga) I LOVE YOU! (jugga jigga wugga) YOU ARE PRETTY! (jugga jigga wugga))

But since I am going to post it tomorrow, that means YOU NEED TO POST YOUR D-E WORDS BY 7 PM EST TODAY. I don't know how long this lovely throat condition is going to last!

So, in sum: d-e words (or phrases), in the comments, by 7. Go!