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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
After all my bitching, this is a nice thing to see: An exhaustive guide to the proper nouns of Bitter Tea. It does the legwork I have been too uninspired to do and tracks down some of the real-world references thrown out over the course of the album, and, among other things, really illuminates the speak-sing parts in "Bitter Tea" (the song). Go Cleveland! The rest of the blog is great as well, but this in particular really enhances my appreciation of the album.

A few notes on "Oh Sweet Woods" while it's up (definitely one of my favorites from the album, by the way): I will ask old-skool clap clap blog poster Jason about Albertson'ses outside Boise, as this is where he grew up (and I need to write him anyway), but it does seem worth mentioning, somehow, that Lake Tahoe is right by where the Donner Party got trapped in the mountains. Just sayin'.