clap clap blog: we have moved

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bryan, who we are playing with tonight, has drawn the band as robots. I am the second from the left--the one that looks like it is about to dismember a minor character while yelling "SMASH!" but in the original picture I was just showing off my shiny new bracelet, I swear. I actually meant to link to subinev yesterday and comment on his shiny new design, nice new posts, and robot drawings, but I got distracted by shiny things that weren't bracelets or subinev. I am still mildly confused why all the robots look vaguely insect-like, but mustn't question the muse.

So yes, we are playing tonight, at the Delancey, and it is the final night of our monthlong residency. You should come out and dance. I won't scare you, I promise. It'll be just like the internet. Man in Gray and the Wowz are also playing, and who doesn't like them? 8 o'clock sharp, and free.