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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Oh yes, and Jukebox, in which I restrain my wordiness only to see others start to stretch out a bit (yay), I am 180 degrees away from everyone else on Noyau Dur, and "Kan Niet van Die Sletten Houwe" (whoof) doesn't get nearly enough love. My Snook blurb didn't get it, which I actually think is too bad, so:

Sounds like a wrestling match between a guy in a smoking jacket and one in a white knit cap. Smoking jacket ducks and weaves slickly, sliding in occasionally to tap ashes from his pipe on white hat's head, while white hat stalks him determinedly around the ring. Just as it looks like white hat's exhausted and smoking jacket moves in for the coup de grace, white hat grabs him by the wrist, flicks him into the air, and everything goes slow motion as smoking jacket flies out of the ring. When we get back to normal speed, smoking jacket climbs back in with an angry expression on his face, but then smiles, and does a little dance with white hat until the fadeout. Ends on a black screen with the logo: SNOOK! [7]
Good news, though: "the system will be down" for the next two days, so I will have time to write about things and listen to songs by certain 80's superproducers. Yippie!

Oh, and once again, I am playing at the Delancy tomorrow night. It was real fun last week and we're getting all the Passover slackers this time. Here is a picture of Kristie last night:

ADDENDUM: I am listening to Noyau Dur again. You guys are nuts.