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Friday, July 28, 2006

I owe you all another post about Rock Star, but for now please let me point you toward Paramore. (Who, it probably should be said, I have a "professional relationship" with, but all this really means is that I get to go to their show for free, which means more content for y'all, and quite frankly I would never have heard of them otherwise.) They are basically a teenpop group--the lead singer is a 17-year-old girl--masquarading as an emo band, and they are awesome. Please watch the video for "Pressure," which involves eating disorders (in a way that critiques them, I mean, not in a Lohan-circa-2004 way) and then at the end the sprinklers go off and everything gets covered in water including the drummer's cymbals and it's even more like a pop-metal song than it was before. And the drummer is chubby! I love them.