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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Claps of Death Metal

Lord Viscuvious & friends - Claps of Death Metal

As promised, here is the death metal song made according to Strong Bad's rules. Miss Clap sang backup and a lovely Valentine's Day was had by all. If you'd like the lyrics, I can post 'em later.

Warning: there is a dramatic intro.

ADDENDUM: Lyriques--

Deconstruction, Deepak Chopra, detonate!
(chugga chigga wugga)
Delicioso, delicate flower, defrock!
(chugga chigga wugga)
Declaw, de-lovely, decapitate!
(chugga chigga wugga)
Decadent Weimar Republic, decapitate!
(chugga chigga wugga)
Debutante, decompose, defrost, deflation!
Demagogue, den mothers, Deutchmarks!
(chugga chigga wugga)
Demi Moore, Def Jam, Delaware!
(chugga chigga wugga)
Raaaaagh! Raaaaagh! Raaaaagh! Raaaagh!

oops, totally did decapitate twice! Well, it is a great word.